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Enter for a chance to win the best prize ever… Win an antique leather-bound Bible. What's better than God's word?

old leather bible with antique trunk on bookshelf

Bible In taking a long hiatus from the blog, I lost some of my readers. I think the best way to get my peeps back, and hopefully find new followers is to have a contest.  

I thought long and hard what I could give away…

Money? coin in hand

A great idea. But the amount might dilute the appeal.

Advice? I have lots of that. Hmmmm… unsolicited advice is not usually a hot item.  1950s woman in apron nagging

What about a book? Giving away our upcoming book would be perfect, except it’s not out yet.

Then what book?

Looking at our bookshelf full of vintage classics I ask aloud, “Who wouldn’t love an antique book?” Thoughts of those who’d think it was just an old, ragged book cross my mind.stack of antique books

Then I see it.

A loved on, leather bound, gilded edged 80+ plus-year-old King James Version Bible. The perfect prize. What gift is more precious than God’s word?  I’ve never been able to pass one up and over the years have given many away. I love thinking about the prayers sent, the hope embraced as generations gripped this old Bible in faith. I ponder the name written on the inside cover, question the underlined scriptures and earmarked pages. With that said, there are a few of these gems still around my house I have yet to loosen my grip on; the really special ones.

Truth told I don’t read my antique Bibles. Why? Because I tend to abuse them… dragging them everywhere, writing notes, underlining, bending corners. I confess (sheepishly)  one page of my reading Bible has a coffee cup ring.

The chosen prize Bible is certainly one of my special ones. free leather bound antique bible

Here’s a few details–

It’s unique because it begins with a beautiful dedication by James. The condition is very good, not perfect, with faded gilded edges, a name written inside, a few dogeared corners and aesthetic wear to the supple leather binding. Old Bibles are hard to date, rarely having a printed date. Since my profession is an antiques dealer, I can make a semi-educated guess that it’s from the 1930s and guarantee it is at least 80 years old.

Here’s how to enter for a chance to win this Bible…

If you have not already subscribed to our newsletter, just enter your email in the slot to the right. Already a subscriber? That’s okay you will be entered as well if you do the following:

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Here’s a hearty welcome, in advance, with a promise to do my best to inspire, encourage and hear the hearts of my readers.

Contest Details: Each subscriber will be given a random number which will be written on a scrap of paper and tossed into a hat (a cute vintage one, of course). February 14th, Valentines Day (after midnight) the name will be drawn. February 15th, the winner’s name will be announced.

BTW: Both U.S. and International shipping will be free.