Chuckling with God Does God have a sense of Humor?

lion child laughing Lion and Lamb

Do you cringe at the thought of laughing with God? chuckling with God

I get that. There was a time when I would have felt the same.

But please hear me out.chuckling with God

Having a giggle with God is not an act of disrespect. On the contrary. When it happens, it’s one of the most reverent and humbling of moments. It’s not a planned event or something I stir into existence. chuckling with God

It just happens. chuckling with God

Here is one example:

“Oh Father, what am I to do? I’m behind on everything. My business needs me. I’m buried under a pile of customer emails.  I haven’t written a word in a week. A friend needs my help. Our home is in dire need of attention. The women’s ministry retreat is coming and I have responsibilities to serve. We’ve committed to eating healthy and going to the gym, both of which take time. And God, as I speak, the dog wants to play and go for a walk.” chuckling with God

*silence followed by the unheard, well-known voice that comes from within but is not your own* chuckling with God

“My dear daughter. What is it exactly you are suffering from? Could it possibly be that I have over blessed you? Would you like me to back off the blessings for a while?”

That’s when we share a divine giggle. chuckling with God


We both know He’s right. chuckling with God

There’s no denying it. I am bold face complaining that my life is too rich and blessed to handle. What am I asking “Oh God please strip away all the miraculous life you have blessed me with?”

No! Of course not. What was I thinking?

Then we laugh some more. I love guffawing with God.


Because he is the only one who gets the joke.

He knows the hole he plucked me out of. That dark, lonely place. The one I tried to crawl out of, like a crab climbing to the rim, only to be dragged to the bottom of the bucket when strength failed.

He knows the literal dimensions of my previous minuscule existence. He knows the lies I believed–

I can shrink my life into a manageable size; a utopia void of stress.

Sweeping people out of my world will create an anxiety-free existence.

Keep hidden, quiet, and NEVER EVER get involved or your life will be sucked away from you.


By the time God lifted me out of my self-built trench, my world was smaller than a mustard seed. It’s funny (not in a good way) that anxiety managed to stay squeezed beside me in that hole.

Reaching for His hand, the one that had always been there ready to lift me out, changed everything. Anxiety and fear subsided. Today when it threatens to return, I summon my God-given strength. In my mind I see it running off the cliff like that herd of pigs in the Bible.


So, yeah. It’s funny (in a good way) to me and God when I have a brain cramp forgetting where I came from. The chuckle always ends with gratitude for the huge, heart pounding, rich, full of love, risk-taking life I live today. For restoring my soul, reviving my mind and heart.

That’s when the laughs turn to unadulterated awe for His power and grace.

Do you think God has a sense of humor? Is there a special way He plays with you? I would love to hear.

Speaking of laughs… listen to this video of our dog singing a worship song. It takes him awhile to really get with it, so watch until the end.

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7 thoughts on “Chuckling with God Does God have a sense of Humor?

  1. My long ago past was loaded on the crud side and light on the good side. Then God entered my life. No, He’s always been there but I wasn’t aware of it. Since I began seeking Him and wanting His will in my life, my life has become blessed. I too, sometimes complain of all the stuff going on and how to handle them. Thanks God for always being there for me and taking care of all my stuff

  2. I loved singing with you and your dog! God surely has a wonderful sense of humor – he created us in His image. In the last few years I have experienced the Lord saying things to me that have made me laugh, and it has been so uplifting.

    1. Suzanne
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. It makes me happy to know God has a sense of humor with you as well.

  3. Excellent share Deb. Thanks for highlighting God’s humor. When I experience His laughter it’s a comforting and freeing encounter. I’m like you and let His blessing slide by. GBY

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