Power in the Hands of Church Dudes – Godly Men Rock!

Godly men rock

Their locker room prattle may not hold you spellbound, but it will not insult. Godly men. The ones that do the next right thing. Fathers, husbands, grampas, brothers, sons, grandsons, friends, even strangers. Powerful men who unknowingly serve as an antidote for a menagerie of hurts. Godly Men Rock

I love the men of my church. The church dudes. Through them I have witnessed healing, straight from God’s heart. Strong men who use their strengths for good. Heroes to those who witness their kindness, like… Godly Men Rock

The brow beaten widow, who lives with hurtful words. A lurking, haunting inheritance.

The invisible, fatherless son shadowed in a hoody, desperate for attention, acceptance…words imagined from a caring dad.

The guy, in the back pew, face cradled in palms who believes he’s less than. Godly Men Rock

The twenty-something beauty with a history of predator beaus.

The mother whose grown son, no longer calls.

The recovering alcoholic who’s burned all bridges leading anywhere else, but here.

And so on. People hurt by men from the past, present and the potential future. Godly Men Rock

Before I go on, here’s my disclaimer: Godly Men Rock

You might find a lone turkey in the woods, but the gang is hanging at the turkey farm.  Likewise, it’s more likely to find a healthy flock of good men at church. Just saying. You’re welcome to put on your Elmer Fudd hat and hunt elsewhere. Also, I’m aware of men in churches who do more harm than good. Sadly, they have power as well. But they are not whom I choose to celebrate.

As I was saying… Godly Men Rockromans 5:4 character

Kind men… good men… hold mighty tools in their righteous hands. When they give time to a lonely child, speak softly to a down- trodden woman, or place a gentle arm around their wife’s shoulders. When they fix the widow’s fence, stand up for a bullied boy, or encourage the shy to shine. When they lift hands to praise and bend knees to pray. Even when they tell a goofy joke, laugh like goons, and repeat. 1 Corinthians 16:13 Be courageous

I’m watching. You’re watching. And if we’ve been hurt by past ill-examples of good character, we experience healing.  I know I do. They’re not the men we avoid on the corner, or the internet, or the big mouths spouting demeaning tales. They are different, set apart, special. Not just on Sundays, but 24/7.

A few months back I wrote “The Ladies who Church,” determining, church is a verb. I realize now, men “church” as well. They are action figures with Bibles instead of capes. In closing I ask that you tell a good man in your circle how  much you appreciate their character. These men deserve our praise.

Church Ladies… Hot Flashes and Faith

8 thoughts on “Power in the Hands of Church Dudes – Godly Men Rock!”

  1. I have experienced godliness in men at The Yakima Vineyard (After bad experiences with them.) MEN like your Sandy, Pastor Morris, Pastor Blehart, Pastor Hanson, Dusty, ect..

    1. Yep, I agree. Yakima Vineyard has some great men of God. I’m holding out hope that many other churches find this true as well.

  2. i have been blessed numerous times by godly men, throughout my life. i can only aspire to becoming “the man my dog thinks i am.” i want to give back to what has been freely given to me. there are still times that i say to myself, “i hope nobody saw that.” with God on my side, and some church dudes as my mentors, i have much hope. thanks deb, for lifting up, “church dudes”

  3. I enjoyed this story as I myself have been down too many dusty roads in an attempt to find my “prince” with the main problem being where I was looking! I am happy to say that with the help of a Mighty God I have my prince. Without Our Father I might still be searching but as God would have it He searched out the Holy man I am proud to call my husband.

  4. Another excellent article Deb. I’ve experienced the help from selfless men working for God. Their comfort and spiritual honesty keep me inspired to become more God-like. They tell God’s truth without fear. Thanks for sharing your faith.

  5. Thank you for sharing on the blogger community! I loved this post, and what a wonderful reminder! My family and I recently moved on campus of a Bible College, and I’ve met so many of those men. I realize how rare they are, and how blessed I am to know so many of them! And how blessed they are to have one another! Thanks for the reminder, and for being a part of the community! I hope we can make it running and make it successful!

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