How Will You Be Remembered? Does Your Character Paint a Pretty Picture?

purple and yellow pansies    

      CharacterShe smelled of juicy fruit gum and carnations. The gum, she offered freely to grandchildren and strangers alike. The Blue Carnation toilet water, spritzed on a lace trimmed handkerchief, awaited up her sleeve to be waved at the first hint of a tear or runny wrigley-chewing-gumnose.

CharacterElsie, or Nana to family, would have been 116 years old in June. Sounds silly right? Yet, I know, when I’m tottering around in my elder years, I will stop, each June to do the math. You see, Nana, left a legacy that matters.

Character  “A cup brimful of sweetness cannot spill even one drop of bitter water… no matter how suddenly jarred.” Amy Carmichael

Character  Like Michelangelo, Da Vinci or Picasso, she left hauntingly beautiful images behind on the canvasses in our minds. sweet peasCharacter

Character  Sweet Peas climbing the pickets, smiling orange and purple pansies in the stone pots, aside the painted stepping stones, leading to her one-bedroom cottage castle.

            Red painted nails with matching lipstick, rhinestone, button style, clip on earrings and finger waved hair; all of which she claimed to be “naked” without.

            A 1930’s rose mohair sofa with doilies on the arms. A picture perfect cake, iced white with dyed pink coconut, on a pedestal plate. The molasses cookies, cedar paneled walls and the oil stove hogging a third of the 9 x 12 living room.

            Nana left mantras and sayings both wise and silly for us to ponder.

            “A stitch in time saves nine.”

            “Bless your pea picking heart.”

            “Red and yellow catch a fellow.”

            “Thirteen is my lucky number.”

            With perfect timing she’d sling the apropos saying. Like the moment you stubbed a toe she’d chime in with:

            “Just think how much better it will feel when it quits hurting.”

            And right after you snarled a response to the above quip, she’d retort with:

            “Only dogs get mad.” mad dog

            Even more powerful than the scents and images or words of wisdom, are the lessons of character she lived and gifted to those around her.

            Another Nana witticism is: Always keep an ace in the hole.

            This served her well. With a humble retirement income, she was the family tycoon. The only person with money in the bank to loan when trouble threatened any one of us. And, without ever asking for it back, she managed to make you feel good about taking care of the debt. These were the days of penny licorice ropes, five cent gum packs and $5 bags of groceries given as prizes for radio bingo that supplied her weeks’ worth of needs. Yet, footing a loan for $200 or $300 was of no concern to her.

She oozed of character, most of which was taken for granted. I remember her letters in the late 1960s, hand written to me, a know it all teenager with her own apartment. My friends and I read them aloud after smoking a joint, laughing at the sweetness.

Dearest Debbie, Bless your heart. How are you doing? I hope you like the new apron I made for you. I used scraps from your favorite circle skirt. Remember the one you wore when you did the Mexican hat dance in kindergarten?

vintage apron character



The thought of wearing my frilly handmade apron, while slaving over a box of macaroni and cheese, always cracked us up. I admit, after the laughs we shared an admiration for her pure heart of gold, followed by a quiet sadness and longing to believe life to be as good as she did.

She was known to read the Bible and give to the televangelists begging for money from her black and white console television. I remember a few times she was shushed for mentioning Jesus.

One thing I know now, that I was clueless to then, she prayed. One prayer in particular on my behalf. I know this because….

I pray for my grandchildren. I pray for a variety of God’s blessings but my most urgent prayer is that they will have an intimate relationship with Jesus.  That’s what my nana prayed for me. I know this because…
He answered the prayer. He pursued me down each road… waited patiently when I took a wrong turn… showered me with love when I deserved scorn… and so on and so forth.

When I was given the gift of grand-motherhood, I chose to be called Nana. My bucket list for this life, is filled with pleas to be remembered by joyful things and my faith and love for Christ. That’s the legacy I seek.


15 thoughts on “How Will You Be Remembered? Does Your Character Paint a Pretty Picture?”

  1. Deb, beautiful post. Remembering those family members from the past and understanding the wisdom age brings is comforting. I loved this: “He answered the prayer. He pursued me down each road… waited patiently when I took a wrong turn… showered me with love when I deserved scorn… and so on and so forth.” Thanks for such a heart-warming and Spirit-filled post! Have a great day my friend.

    1. Walter
      Thanks! Good to hear from you. I plan on delving into a few of your recent posts soon. We appreciate your support. Looking forward to your book.

  2. Great post. This has been on my mind the last couple days, having just buried my aunt yesterday….what positive character traits do I want others to remember when I’m no longer here on this earth. I’d wish for the same legacy.

  3. Very well put. I ‘m sure that both you and Sandy will always be fondly remembered by your children and grandchildren

  4. nana was one of the bestest people i have ever met. she was truly somebody you knew loved The Lord. ferdinand the bull, a&w rootbeer mugs and the love of God are some of the things our 5 grandsons will remember about their nana(deb). what a gift !!!

  5. Deb, This is really special. I too am called nana by my 13 grandchildren. I love to proactively spend one on one Nana time with them when they visit us or we visit them.I like to find out about their sweet life and what they want me to pray for them. Then I share a verse with them before praying for them. Thanks for sharing all of these sweet memories. – Amy

    1. Amy
      Thirteen? Wow! I so agree that the one on one time is powerful. Thanks for stopping by. Bless you and your family.

  6. After reading what you wrote I am wondering if we had the same Nana! My Gram Foster said some of those very same quips & always loved her gardening; I;m sure that’s where my love of gardening came from! I can still here her saying, : C’mon Shell-bell, lot’s to do today! You know idle hands are the devils workshop.” There were so many life lessons learned while picking blackberries or picking oysters as she lived on Hood Canal. I spent every summer with my Gram & we were actually Birthday Buddies as I was born on her birthday! So many wise words from a woman who always shared her wisdom & I always listened! If I could leave 1/4th of the legacy she did I would be leaving a lot! My Gram was a lover of the Lord & would always tell us kid’s to “love one another as Christ has loved you” and so many other wonderful & wise words! Miss that beautiful soul everyday!

  7. My grandkids call me Gram Gram. We have no idea where the first one got that but the rest have followed suit. I generally say I’m too great to be just one Gram 🙂

    This is beautiful. I pray I leave as rich a legacy as your Nana.

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