Wait on the Lord…but in the Meantime

Psalm 27:14 Wait on the LordAt times, my husband, Sandy, grows weary of my writing process. Wait on the Lord…but in the MeantimeWait on the Lord

Morning Convo:

ME: “I’m stuck. I don’t know where to go from here. It’s  all gobbledygook!”

SANDY: “God always shows you. Don’t worry about it.”

Afternoon Convo:

ME: You won’t believe what God showed me. Remember that guy, the drunk? I had to pick his false teeth up off the sidewalk? It’s the perfect lead-in for where we need to go. Right? I’m so happy.” Wait on the Lord

SANDY:  “Me too.”

Evening Convo:

SANDY: “What’s wrong? You look upset?” Wait on the Lord

ME: “I don’t know what to do. There’s nowhere to go from here. It’s all garbled.”

SANDY: God always gives you direction. It will be okay.”

He has a point (“sigh”). And, (long “sigh”), he’s right. Our book is built; word by word, paragraph by paragraph, chapter by chapter, page by page, one prayer at a time. I know that. Wait on the Lord

But then…

At 10,000 words, I start to pray for the ending to our story. The big finish. Where do you place a period in God’s story? After all, He’s still writing. My thoughts wander… What if I drop dead, mid-sentence, without ever finishing our story? Wait on the Lord


Trust. Wait on the Lord. Remember, if this book is meant to be, I won’t fall face-first onto the keyboard before it’s complete. Keep clicking away at the keys, trusting His signs and landmarks. Listen and follow God’s GPS signals. Wait for Him to whisper: “You have reached your destination.”

But then… Wait on the Lord

At 40,000 words, WORRY creeps back in alongside its buddy DOUBT.  I feel like I’m writing with a big rubber plunger, attempting to unclog the words, retrieving merely a hairball destined for the trash. Striving reaps one reward; pressing me to my knees, head raised in fervent prayer. The result? Words gushing forth, and hubby dear echoing his beloved, “I told you so.” Wait on the Lord

Scrolling the pages, through 80,000 words, I’m grateful for each character, and hope for reaching the “THE END,” is flashing like a beacon from that clichéd tunnel. God has provided; the means; time, content, energy, patience, hope, drive, perseverance, wisdom. Yet the prayer, requesting a stop sign, remains unanswered. I feel the journey’s climax, but I’ve no clue of the destination.

I picture my petition in heaven’s inbox, buried under a mound of others, awaiting attention. Before long, I slip into that lonely seat behind the control panel. I’ll just get things rolling while I wait on God. Help out with the creative process. It seems the book needs a big finish to compete with other popular books. Like surviving a bloody shark attack! And we should save hordes of souls! Proof we deserve all He has done for us. Wait on the Lord

Oh, but wait…

This is non-fiction. And we, nor anyone, deserve the Sacrifice made for us. That’s the whole point of our story! We are the ordinary, the mundane everyday sinners, trudging through the ant farm tunnels. We are the least of the least. Yet He loves us, through it all.

Back to prayer.

 “Lord please show me how best to bring glory to You.”

Meanwhile, back at the pages….

I often write in the car on my laptop while Sandy evaluates the driving skills of all within his range. Clicking away at the keys keeps me occupied and, therefore, both of us happy. On the way to the beach, for a two-day needed get-away, I finish the first draft of the second to the last chapter of our book. It leads the reader straight to the sweet spot begging satisfaction.

“Sandy, we’re at the end. I still don’t know how…”

“(Groan) Wait for it. He’ll give you the end. You know it.”

In prayerful memory, I took time recognizing His faithfulness thus far. Closing the lid on my laptop, I let go. I walked…snuggled… read…prayed… worshiped… listened. The book with no end took a seat in the back of the brain bus.

Wearing headlights atop our hooded sweatshirts, we took a late night walk on the beach, savoring the mist, the waves, and each other. Nearly 25 years ago, we strolled this same beach, as honeymooners.

To our right, we eye a seagull confidently holding its spot on the beach. Nodding agreement, we rush the bird, in honor of our deceased 110-pound lab, Gabe. His mantra? Never let a gull go unchased. Thoughts of Gabe, stir a nest of memories. In the midst of recollecting tears and guffaws, I realize we  are performing the end of our book. God is showing me, providing a detailed script, a live scene, like I’m watching a play.

I wrote the end, in the form of an epilogue on the drive home, like a court reporter transcribing a trial. It’s the easiest writing session I’ve ever experienced. I won’t be a spoiler, telling more of the end. I will say, although the book ends on the beach, there are no sharks in our story. Even so, lives are saved and the Hero wins.

God was not late in giving his answer… he was perfect.

See below to read a sample chapter of our book in progress.

New Christian Author Preview Chapter: In Spite of Us – Stalked by a Loving God

10 thoughts on “Wait on the Lord…but in the Meantime”

  1. God always shows up, just not in my time , or how i think things should happen. wait on the Lord, and He’ll renew your strength. the more i let go, the more He reveals to me. why am i so slow to learn this? maybe i’m just too human.

  2. Beautiful Deb. Yes, it’s a process to let go, trust God and wait for His answers. I have found the same experience you have that God’s guidance is worth the wait and always turns out better than my mind can ever imagine. He always provides the words and I’m looking forward to reading and supporting your book. God bless you, Sandy and family. Keep on keeping on my friend.

    1. Walter
      “God’s guidance is worth the wait and always turns out better than my mind can ever imagine.” I know, right? So true. How many times have we marveled at His work? Thanks as always for your support. We truly appreciate you.

  3. Glad to hear the story ends, and you wrote it, after being someplace beautiful and where you have a lot of wonderful memories. Sounds like a perfect place to end the book!

    There’s always a new day, something new to learn, sometimes challenges to overcome, and definitely a lot of waiting. Thankfully there’s God’s grace to get us through it all. Some days I feel like I’m at the beginning of a new journey, but that’s okay. If I make sure God is my guide, and be patient when necessary, as you were, I can trust He will lead me down the right path each day.

    1. Natalie
      It felt great to be given an ending that felt “right.” I relate to feeling as if you are at the beginning of a new journey. It’s exciting to think what He has in store for us. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. I was introduced to the idea of living in His will in 1990 when I arrived in AA. In April of 2008 as I sat in Yakima County Jail I realized that, in spite of the advice and instruction I had been given, this is where doing things my own way had taken me. I had nothing but yet I had everything I needed. I had 50 years of experience in what not to do in life. I asked Jesus into my heart, I asked God to be my guide in both thought and action from then on. Life has been a cake walk these last 8 years comparatively to what it had been the previous 50. No I don’t know everything. No I don’t know how it has all worked so easily and effortlessly but it has and I do not question His way any longer. His grace was there for me long ago but I was too smart to take it. At age 50 I finally found peace within my soul, my mind and most the time in my life…..
    He always has a better plan than do I. Always

  5. I knew, somehow that this was exactly how things would go; the writing of the end of your book I mean. How else could it go? You are a woman after God’s own heart & would live with nothing less that waiting on Him! I am a big fan of your writing Deb & look forward to reading the whole book at one sitting!!!

  6. I needed this today, Deb! I’ve been working on my second Bible study for several years. The words come in fits and starts and, some days I don’t make any progress at all. It’s discouraging but God is slowly teaching me that I write for Him, on His time schedule. When I force it, I end up deleting what I wrote because it makes no sense.

    I try hard not to use this as an excuse not to write but to learn to be sensitive to His leading. “Wait” is a hard word but the results are more beautiful when I do.

  7. deb, this popped up in my memories on fb and so i reread it.
    and now i’m crying. lol
    i am definitely in a time of waiting on the Lord. i needed to read your sweet, truthful words. he is so good and his timing is perfect. you guys are the best, deep wells of wisdom. i love you and miss you.

    1. Melissa
      Hearing from you blessed my day. We miss you guys so much. I will be praying for “good courage” as you wait. Much love, deb

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