What Gift Will You Give Jesus for Christmas?

psalm 86:12 Praise God Glory to the Lord Jesus

Jesus I didn’t know what to give my husband for Christmas this year. He’s difficult to buy for. I wanted it to be something special, not the usual patron saint T-shirt with Bullwinkle or The Muppets. How many does one closet need? There’s always the shirt with a spiritual message, but again, we’ve just about covered the Bible through his wardrobe. Alas, by chance a miracle, that Craftsman has invented a new tool, that he will not think is silly or doesn’t already have. Jesus

Each year, the problem increases. Even if I had extra money for a trip to some race track, or a Harley Davidson (old style, of course), the gesture is “meh,” compared to what he deserves. This is the man who continues to love me, right where I’m at. He loves me when I’m right. He loves me when I’m wrong. He loves me when I think I’m right, but might be… well, you get the drift. Jesus

I can’t say what I ended up buying, because he will read this before he opens the package. I will say, it’s just as unremarkable as any other year. Short of ripping my heart out and slapping a red bow on it, I don’t know how to express my love for him. Jesus

And that’s when I get to thinking… Jesus

As much as I love my husband, and God knows I do, I love Jesus twenty gazillion times more. My heart often aches to give Him a gift, exemplifying gratitude, for all He has done. Truth is, my all, is about as lame as handing Jesus a Bullwinkle T-shirt and saying thanks. Thus, the daily lesson in humility.  s

I’m leaving this post short. Pressing in, taking time to breathe in the season, bask in His love. s

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

15 thoughts on “What Gift Will You Give Jesus for Christmas?”

  1. Considering I was given His grace and that Jesus died for my sins I have little to offer God or Jesus. I do in fact know it is thee greatest gift I have ever received & I cud never equal such a gift or come close. I really do not believe He, nor Jesus, want anything from me other than to keep my heart & soul from ever needed such a gift again. Not being an avid reader of scripture however I could be wrong about that.
    Yes He & Jesus have my heart, but in comparison to the gift of grace I received, especially before He cleansed it, my heart may not be much. Truth is I will never be able to repay Him or Jesus, or give Him or Jesus anything they really need.
    I am hopeful that the work i do in my community and the work I do to keep my heart & soul free is pleasing to both God & His son.
    I also do my utmost to share what His grace has meant to me to anyone who is unfortunate enough to bring such matters up as well. I say unfortunate because they had better had packed a lunch if I get going on this topic.
    Fortunately for me I have no Sandy in my life to worry about buying for. I seem to be that guy to most everyone who knows me as I just buy whatever it is I want whenever I want. I have great doubt a partnership will ever come my way so I suppose I will continue to spoil myself
    I wish you Deb & Sandy, Thee Merriest of Christmas’s. I love you both dearly & hope you know it was His grace & the love I received from you guys and others that allowed my anger & self loathing to dissipate. When I started seeing that there were some really good people, who were not only in my life but, that were giving me the love they were that I must be good too.

    Your Friend–Raymond

    1. Have to giggle about the exuberance on the Grace topic. I am the same way. Merry Christmas to you Ray. We love you dearly.

  2. i do not feel deserving of your love, Deb. i, also, do not feel deserving of God’s love. i am hopeful that i can return your love in kind, Deb. i can try to return God’s love by trying to follow our church’s vision: Love God, Love all people, Live it out.

  3. Ah yes, the all too hard to buy for husband syndrome! What I love about you’re writing is that I can so relate every time! My husband is one of those “I would rip my heart out & slap a bow on it” kind of husbands as well. The perfect gift, he say’s I have already given him, in myself & our Angel girl! Wow! O.K. top that? Well I know his heart & he would much rather have something hand-made, so I will be baking my heart out, no pun intended!
    Thank-you once again Deb, always a joy to read your works!
    Sincerely, Shelly Edwards

  4. Deb, I love the way you share your love for your husband and God. I’m grateful to witness your faith and commitment to your marriage and walk with Christ. I’m glad God has crossed our paths. Your writing inspires me. GBY

  5. HAHA I like this… a Bullwinkle shirt! But more seriously, I really appreciate how the love between you and your husband is so realistically portrayed in your words, and how that compares with your love for Christ. Thank you, and Merry Christmas!!

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