Remember the Child God Created You To Be

innoncent child redheaded girl 1950s child God Child Children Children God God's Children God Created         I  knew a little girl, with frizzy red hair, knobby knees and a gap between her two front teeth. To the world she appeared gawky, gangly and awkward, but she never questioned her beauty and magnificent design.  Remember Child God Created Creation faith inspiration

          Eyes wide, she greeted the flowers, the sunshine and colors of each moment, with gratitude. To her, miracles were expected, like turning the crank on the Jack in the Box, certain it’s coming, exhilarated by when. Nothing too small, or taken for granted. All creation grand, worthy of great attention and delight. Remember Child God Created Creation faith inspiration

          Hyper-alert, nothing missed, or unseen… the twinkle in another child’s eye, or the void of hope, lurking in a stranger’s soul. She recognized the need for a smile, a kind word, a touch, a simple pat on the hand. And, without question or hesitation, she filled the need. Courageous. Fearless. Forever listening to the still, small voice, speaking through the ears of her heart. Remember Child God Created Creation faith inspiration

              I remember her tears. Cries for Marilyn, dragged to the front of the class, spanked and shamed by the teacher, while wide eyed 1st graders, sat writhed in helplessness. Sweet tears, wept over the graves of babies, buried in an overgrown cemetery, near her house. Sobs of empathy, for the poor, ill-treated, and abused… the boy next door with the mean dad, the upside down gold fish, the woman scarred from burns on her face, and Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

           I remember her well. Those who loved her, cautioned, along with the rest of the world,”You’re too thin skinned, toughen up. Chin up child!”

        Defining labels began to stick. Remember Child God Created Creation faith inspiration

       You’re too:

Sensitive…  Soft hearted… Emotional

       The equation became:

Sensitive + Soft hearted + Emotional = Weak & Stupid.

       Soon the clanging noise of the world, muffled the still, small voice amplified from her heart. Cynicism replaced trust. Bitterness squelched goodwill. Hatred and resentment silenced love. The world held up a mirror, ordering,

     “Take a good look. You are not beautiful. Just look around you.”

     So, she looked, compared, measured and judged.

     Through this child, I met a woman; broken, bitter, “so over it.” Weary from turning over stones, finding no satisfaction. No questions asked or answered, soothed her pain. I remember her tears, as well. Tears from the well of brokenness, sorrow, darkness, loss of hope.

     One day, in the deepest, darkest pit of dismay, she listened for the familiar still small voice, that even to deaf ears, kept speaking. She heard Him.

     He’d never left.

     As you’ve probably guessed, I’m the child, and the woman. God created me with certain traits, some of which may not suit this world. Sadly, vows were made to fit into this world, like “toughen up,” and stop being a “bleeding heart.” Once as a young woman, an employer asked me to seek a favor from the big boss, saying, “Everyone is nice to dumb animals and Debbies.” Just words… maybe. But the hurt from them fueled a fierce vendetta. No one would ever think of me as dumb again. I would get my “shrewd” on. Trust not, care not, love not. See no good, hear no good, speak no good.

     It’s been a long, bumpy journey looking for the woman God created me to be. I have a longing to return to the pure loving heart, I was created with. I wish I could tell you I’m all fixed now.

     I’m not.

     Every day, I trust, care and love, a little more. I see, hear and speak His good. I call on His name and I fight to hear His voice. I pray He will “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. “ Psalm 51:10

     Think on this:

     The nagging voice, growling up from the bowels of this world, knows us not. That’s why the lies often don’t even make sense, fired for effect, hoping one might penetrate our hearts, take us down… one more bites the dust.

     Contrarily, the truth comes from the One who knows everything about us. The One who designed us after Himself, created us, and loves us beyond our wildest imaginations.

     Who should we be listening to? Remember Child God Created Creation faith inspiration

Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. Luke 12:7

13 thoughts on “Remember the Child God Created You To Be”

  1. Once again I have been moved to tears! I remember that child who was so afraid the fight this time would surly put my mom in the hospital, or worse! I caught myself crying at the fact that my child soul had to endure so much domestic violence, harsh critical words spoken, drunken curse words flying through my little girl world! I thank this amazing author for taking her story all the way to the end, where Our Great Big God always shows up!!
    I greatly enjoy reading Deb’s work as I find a bit of myself in every story! I admire the courage it takes to get real, write about the things she has experienced and then to pass it along for others’ to gain from! I appreciate the honesty & how the writer takes us right there with her as she has grown in her faith!
    Sincerely, Shelly Driscoll Edwards

    1. Shelly,
      Thanks for your kind words. I prayed it would touch someone’s heart. I appreciate your support and encouragement to continue to be vulnerable.

      1. Deb,
        Your prayers made it straight to my heart! I was often told to “stop being so emotional” as a child but that is the way God made me. I am happy to say that my emotional self is able to penetrate the souls of many because of the insight and vulnerability I still posses & that fills my heart with gratitude! I am fearfully & wonderfully made! Thank-you God.

  2. God is in each one of us and this earth tries to take it away. hang on to what is of God and fight to eliminate the rest. great story, as usual.

  3. I can identify with you, Deb, as so many can. I grew up with “worthless” defining me. In the early years of my marriage, God used my precious husband to show me how much I was loved, by him and by Him. Satan occasionally whispers that old word to me and I reply that I am loved by the King, priceless in His eyes. That shuts him up!

    Praise God that He refused to leave me where I was!

  4. I have no memory of this sort as a child or even as an adult really until I was 32 and entered into the world I now live. A world of recovery which mandates a personal relationship w/ God if I am to live..
    I got my messages from an often drunk mother, an overly abusive brother and from a mostly absentee father. None of it consistent except the abusive brother’s constant contributions which I read to mean I wasn’t anything of value.
    I had a lot of figuring out to do by the time I started in AA in 1990. I tried to evade the issue and it nearly cost me my life some 18 years later. Now I only know what kind of man I am supposed to be. He has relieved me of the pain, embarrassment, guilt and ridicule I accumulated in 50 years and left me w/ great & loving people and a strong message that I am His child, at any age, and that I just need to serve Him.
    Now at 57 and having asked Him to enter into my heart, to guide and direct my thots & actions for the past 7 years+ the message I have is that I am important, lovable, good and an asset in my community. It took me til I was 53 to see that I must be all of that. It took an awakening one day that showed me, that if all of these people who invite me into their lives are as good as I felt and believed they were, maybe I am too.
    As I live today I can see who & what I am. Having both good & bad traits as most humans do. I remember a pastor of the Church I spent much time in defining the God that lives within me today telling me I was exactly the kind of person Jesus wanted both in that Church and in His army.
    I rarely doubt my worth any more. Why else would He have done so much for me if I wasn’t worthy of having it all?? I have no idea what he wanted me to be as a child but I know exactly what He wants of me today and I spend my days doing what I can to live up to it. He and I have an agreement that is suitable to us both I believe..

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