When We Unplugged the TV … We Created Our First Children’s Book

I’ve had it … done … so over it.

Never listening …

Always talking … making noise

Telling me I should lose weight … smooth my wrinkles … take drugs with scary side effects

So … consider yourself unplugged.

That’s what we did about a year ago. We cancelled our cable TV service and haven’t regretted it for a moment. The decision was brutal. The consequences? Surprisingly fruitful.

We talk more. Walk more. Read more. And when we get bored? Well, we write a children’s book together. The one below is based on a true story told by our Grandson Ryder. I hope you enjoy the outcome of our new found creative family time.

Goldie: A Boy

(Of Course)

Cover Page

Written by Nana & Evan

Illustrated by Evan

Published by Grampa

                                                                                                                                                                                                      The story begins inside a sandwich bag.  I look up … down … side to pg 1side. I’m not alone.


pg 2                A door opens. I see a school sign. Fish know all about schools! We all swim happy laps in our bags.

A real teacher carries us to her classroom. She picks pg 3me to be first. Holding my bag up in the air she asks, “Who wants the first fish?” “Me! Me!” said a blonde boy with a big smile. “I’ll name him Goldie the Fish.”



All the other children named their fish Goldie too. pg 4


They call my boy Ryder. He introduced me to his Dad. He seemed grumpy on the drive home. All the Mom’s and Dad’s wanted to know why the children had a bag of fish. “What about candy hearts and Valentines?” they asked. pg 5

 Ryder’s Mom was nice. She asked if I was a boy or a girl. He told her I was a boy of course. That’s why he named me Goldie.

Pg 6









My boy must have known I was coming to stay. Next to his bed was a bowl fit for a Kingfish and fully stocked with food. Fish Bowl 1






In the morning I exercised with a mess of guppies and then ate them for breakfast. When Ryder said good morning, he didn’t seem to mind.Fish Bowl 2







Lunch was grand. A bluish fish with more guppies on the side. Ryder didn’t seem to mind and even served me dessert from a small box. Fish Bowl 3






Dinner? Exquisite! A tasty, plump yellow fish, some wormy looking thing and more guppies. Ryder was still smiling when he said good night. Fish Bowl 4





The next morning I hear my boy yelling for his Mom. They point and stare with mouths open. Fish Bowl 5







The next day Ryder asks Mom if I can go to school with him. “How are all the goldfish doing?” the teacher asked.

pg 12

My boy holds me up for all to see. pg 13“My Goldie is great!”




9 thoughts on “When We Unplugged the TV … We Created Our First Children’s Book”

  1. My husband and I decided to drop our cable subscription last fall. It’s been a great decision. There are a few things we still like to watch, but we just opt to watch them online. Great way to save money and free up time.

  2. I’m not about to go to the extremes you have but nice job all around and how could I not know you 2 could pull something like this off

  3. when i get bored, i miss the tv. boredom is an inside job. i don’t miss the time we didn’t have for each other. thanks Ryder, thanks Evan, thanks Deb. great book!

  4. what a great family written produced an artistry of by family members that’s so wonderful.just goes to show you life is how you look at it

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