New Blog Name – “In Spite of Us”

ynAWarning … I’ve decided to walk the tightrope without the net. I’ve made some changes to the blog and I want you to know what to expect.
The main change is the name, “IN SPITE OF US,” after the book I am writing – one keyboard click at a time. Other than that, I will continue to post the same random stories but occasionally will share excerpts from the book or reflect on the agony of the writing experience.
“In Spite of Us,” is a book in progress about a completely unremarkable couple, doomed to DEATH by stupid choices. Two people coerced into a blind date, attraction acknowledged along with RED FLAGS waving. Yet, they continue… a stiletto heel and a biker boot… limping along with clashing lifestyles, heading toward a mass grave, overflowing with hopeless relationships. earsB










A double memoir told through the opposing voices of myself and my husband, TESTIFYING TO GOD’S GREAT LOVE. A God who never gave up on us.

My heart for the blog is to show that although my walk today may outwardly appear to be simple and ordinary, it is in Spirit, truly remarkable with His miracles around every corner. Yes, I still question and unfortunately whine with the best of the Israelites, but hopefully, before the Amen is spoken, Praise His Holy name.


prayAMy prayer is that the book and blog give glory to His deeds, lighting a path of hope for others, who may feel undeserving, as I once did and still do, without a huge daily dose of His Grace and Mercy.
I hope you enjoy the changes and keep following as I wrap my toes around that tightrope and reveal my heart. togetherB

18 thoughts on “New Blog Name – “In Spite of Us””

  1. Deb you know that as much love & grace as you have shown me, I will always support whatever you do wholeheartedly. Like Natalie, I am truly blessed to have the both of you as friends, real & true friends. I am sure I will enjoy this new(er) venue as much as the old(er). Love Ya Bunches

  2. I just absolutely loved this….it is so YOU….I know you will be successful at whatever you do….love you my sweet friend..

  3. the picture tell a great story about your antiques your wonderful fireplace your great sense of humor.May be a picture book with funny captions. Great costuming love the whole picture.

  4. thank GOD I’m not who I used to be. through the process of Deb writing this book, I can look back and see where GOD has taken us. I thank HIM every day

  5. I haven’t even read it yet, but just wanted to tell you I like your legs.  Now on to the important stuff. Sandy looks like he never wins at all. When get at this when I get home today……

    We can alter our lives by altering our attitudes  !

  6. Really well done ,Deb. I will definitely catch a readers attention. Something totally different” Its a keeper.                                           When are we getting together…..Just when you have time.   We can alter our lives by altering our attitudes  !

  7. The song Bless the Broken Road (sung by Rascal Flatts) reminds me of your journey with dad, and that there is grace for everyone, just have to remember to believe and have hope. “This much I know is true/That God blessed the broken road/That led me straight to you.”

  8. Every time I read the words this author put’s together I laugh, sometimes cry & always can relate!! The new name is a Yes from this devoted reader & I love the pics! Looking forward to the next peek at what this author has to say! I will say this, only a person who has actually experienced such ordeals as these two could write about it in such a relateable way! Keep it coming please!

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