Loved by many ...
Loved by many

As a single mom, divorced, bitter and broken, I made a list of “MUST HAVES,” vowing to flee from any man who couldn’t swear by them all. Thank God, I broke that promise.

Today, after 22 years of marriage, I celebrate Valentines Day, grateful for the Godly characteristics my Father in heaven instilled in my husband – most of which never made my original list of qualifications.

Here is my TOP TEN list today.  My prayer is for all, single or not,  to realize the wondrous plan God has for your life. I know the best is yet to come.

10. I love the way he loves his daughters. He speaks sweetly of them. Respects  who they are. It’s truly beautiful.
9. He brings me a cup of hot tea when I’m sick.
8. He treats other women like sisters, moms, friends. He shows them respect and genuine brotherly love.
7. He reads the Bible, hungry for more of God, eager for righteousness.
6. He prays.
5. He listens, even when I’m whining.
4. He loves my daughter and son and he is the best co-grandparent imaginable.
3. He cries. He weeps. He sobs. He laughs.
2. He loves me.
1. He loves God more than me.  By putting God first, he keeps our life  ship afloat.

The point is – give God a stab at choosing what’s best, you might just find out that He knows you better than you know yourself.

Go here to read the top ten Bible scriptures on love. heartbeat2


  1. He is a cantankorous old fart w/ me but I know him to be one of thee greatest examples of a man. I look up to him greatly and know he appreciates you as much as you do him. I also know he wouldn’t be the man he is had you not came along and stole his heart. Love & Respect you both ALWAYS—

  2. This was awesome Deb.  I am sure Sandy knows just how you feel. Am sure as well, he could write the same about you……..

      We can alter our lives by altering our attitudes  !

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