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Couple disagreeing, man says no, woman says yes.

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In Spite of Us, is written from the heart by an incorrigible story teller. That’d be me. My husband, Sandy, is the flip side of the coin in our marriage, thus the “Us.” There’s no head or tail on this coin—miraculously it stays afloat like a divine balloon. Keeping us one, while celebrating our uniqueness. A marriage, perfectly imperfect, like that one red leaf seemingly out of place amongst the green, or the laugh lines on an aged face. A lovely, unexpected blessing. And, with regard to our marriage— an undeserved one. In Spite of Us husband wife story picture

Here you can expect true stories with relatable characters, whether to self, a relative or a worrisome acquaintance. Real people, beautifully and sometimes aggravatingly flawed. The broken, like me and maybe yourself. In Spite of Ushusband and wife not listening

I often write from a place in need of healing or from an old wound restored but not forgotten. With that in mind, you might experience tender thumps to your own heart. I’m not one to keep my feet too close to the fire so you’ll also find a hearty laugh is coming soon. That’s my “go-to” cure for the sting of truth. I never want to leave my reader in the dark without a flashlight. In Spite of Usman reading A.A. Big Book woman drinkingman with fire extinguisher wife smoking

Is there a book on the way? Why, yes, thanks for asking. LOVE AND AN INTERVENTION: A Dual Memoir about Second Chances. It’s our story of hope and redemption, written in dual perspective – he said, she said. It starts with a coerced blind date– a stiletto heel and a biker boot… limping along with clashing lifestyles, heading toward a mass grave, overflowing with hopeless relationships. But somehow… In Spite of Usman reading woman praying

If you’re curious about the book, check out this Sample Chapter. Oh… and if you want to laugh along with us, the pictures on this page tell our story.



Husband and wife read Bible together. Woman on man's lap reading the Bible. In Spite of Us

Story Teller – Author "LOVE AND AN INTERVENTION: A Dual Memoir About Second Chances

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