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Couple disagreeing, man says no, woman says yes.

“In Spite of Us,” (also the blog title) is a book in progress about a completely unremarkable couple, doomed to DEATH by stupid choices. Two people coerced into a blind date, attraction acknowledged along with RED FLAGS waving. Yet, they continue… a stiletto heel and a biker boot… limping along with clashing lifestyles, heading toward a mass grave, overflowing with hopeless relationships. In Spite of Us

A double memoir told through the opposing voices of myself and my husband, TESTIFYING TO GOD’S GREAT LOVE.  A God who never gave up on us. In Spite of Us

If you are curious about the book, check out this Sample Chapter. In Spite of Us

Couple arguing, woman has ears plugged while man looks exasperated. Couple arguing, man has hands over ears while woman looks exasperated. A lesson in listening.

Man and woman sitting in chairs. Man looks pleased with himself because wife now has duct tape over her mouth. My heart for the blog is to show that although my walk today may outwardly appear to be simple and ordinary, it is in Spirit, truly remarkable with His miracles around every corner. Yes, I still question and unfortunately whine with the best of the Israelites, but hopefully, before the Amen is spoken, Praise His Holy name. In Spite of Us

Humorous no smoking picture. Man points fire extinquisher at wife who is smoking a cigarette. Man reads A.A. Big Book while wife pops cork on wine bottle and pours a drink. In Spite of Us - Stalked by a Loving GodMy prayer is that the book and blog give glory to His deeds, lighting a path of hope for others, who may feel undeserving, as I once did and still do, without a huge daily dose of His Grace and Mercy.

Man reads car magazine while woman reads Bible and prays. In Spite of Us - Stalked by a Loving GodHusband and wife read Bible together. Woman on man's lap reading the Bible. In Spite of Us

Christian Story Teller – Author "In Spite of Us – Stalked by a Loving God"

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